An ice sculpture, identical replica of Leopold II’s equestrian statue is placed under its upside down pedestal. The letters are muddled up and form the word PeoPL. In the image of the melting ice, the disappearance of the colonial discourse […]

The Playground

Playground is a live video installation/performance initiated in Palestine. In Brussels, people can move around as they wish, and everyone chooses their own immersive and visual experience. Live performances reproducing the use of music torture in Guantanamo Bay take place […]


In Activists, mobile robots convey protest messages, freely moving around the exhibition space and making their path amongst the surprised spectators. In each public apparition, these robots take up the space to carry out a different action and fight for […]


A black flag floats in the night in slow motion. The movement of the flag, symbol of resistance, and the flapping of its fabric become choreography and sound. Loyal to her broad vision of artistic disciplines, Ula Sickle lets her […]

In the Shadow of the Pyramids

In the Shadow of the Pyramids is a story told in the first person that explores memory and identity. Through a series of photographs taken from 2005 to 2014, what started as a glance in a mirror to understand the […]

À la lettre

In the Temple of the Written Memory symbolised by the archives of Brussels and its magical rooms, four singers and a pianist enchant the audience with their lyricism. A little rebellion, a touch of light criticism and heaps of passion. […]

Unknown, I Live With You

In Unknown, I Live With You The Airport Society group stages a true opera installation inspired by the poems of Afghan women. The female voice striving for peace and resisting any form of patriarchal system is interpreted by singers, dancers, […]

Terres arbitraires

The screens of the installation Terre arbitraires make up an amphitheatre of suburbs where the names of all 1200 neighbourhoods logged in the registry of Zones Urbaines Sensibles (sensitive urban areas) inventoried by the French State and 300 portraits of […]

MARS II – in situ

Mars II – in situ questions the relationship of humanity with the immensity of the cosmos as it depicts the impact of catastrophes on our minds. Climate change, economic crisis and terror attacks constantly weigh heavily on our shoulders. In […]

Body Revolution

The Arab Spring strongly influenced Baghdadborn actor and director Mokhallad Rasem, who has lived and worked in Belgium for the past ten years. Images of Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq and Syria have moved many people whose roots lie in these countries. […]